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Anderson Dellamano II Hardwood

Anderson Dellamano II Hardwood

Create an atmosphere with Anderson Dellamano II Hardwood

With the New Year coming, you and your partner have decided on a new renovation project for your house and one of the things that has to absolutely go is that ratty, old flooring which your house came with and what could sound better than Anderson Hardwood’s Dellamano II to make all those romance come to life!

Or if you feel like the romance in your life has been dead for a while thanks to your morose partner, then forcing him to undertake this renovation project by giving him the excuse of the coming new year, might just create an atmosphere of a new beginning, putting that spark back into your intimacy. Heck just go with it anyways even if he doesn’t budge and thrust the Dellamano II pictures in his face, that might just change his mind.

Roll it on your tongue like when you were still in high school or college learning Latin, “Dell-aaa-mmmmanoooo”. Feel that Italian romance flowing through your veins and imagine your eyes meeting your partner’s, subtly challenging him on a romantic tango or a barefooted romp on this uniquely designed hand crafted line.

Dellamano means “Off the hand” in Italian, it is one of Anderson’s distinctive hardwood floors, with extra-wide planks which are hand scraped and sanded to give it a unique, sweet appearance. Do you love spending hours in the kitchen preparing complicated meals or some simple Mediterranean fairs? Do you think the kitchen is the foundation of your living space? Dellamano II would be the final touch you always needed to make it the space where you are creative the most.

Together with coming with all kinds of novel ideas for recipes, you would be also more than inspired to come up novel revenge recipes, novel manipulation tips and novel gossip schemes and suggestions, standing on this durable, elegant and versatile hardwood flooring.