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Anderson Eagle Lodge Hardwood

Anderson Eagle Lodge Hardwood

Anderson Eagle Lodge is authentic and rustic for anywhere

One of the most popular features sought after in any hardwood flooring choice is the appearance of hand-crafted wood, which is consistent in the Anderson’s Eagle Lodge series. The Eagle Lodge hardwood flooring is particularly designed to feature this authentic looking handcrafted appearance and also, this wooden flooring shows that expert woodcarving know-how was used during its creation.

Anderson’s Eagle Lodge looks as if though it was specifically made for those rustic cabin and barn-like home décor. We assume not all home owners are living in urban areas and most are living in suburban areas where there might be presence of nature at large. If this is so, you can now opt for that rustic home in the forest look. The Anderson’s Eagle Lodge floors are beautiful and are great for pairing with rustic, antique designs as well as modern, elegant styles.

For rustic, you will need an authentic handcrafted hardwood floor as an excellent way to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your home to start with and the Eagle Lodge collection is perfect for that, even before you start shopping for your rustic furniture. A home’s appearance is sure to be beautified to a level that it has never before reached with the rustic look in mind.

Anderson’s Eagle Lodge collection presents the much sought-after wood species of oak, maple, and hickory plank in widths of 5” with a ½” thickness, granting them a unique, sophisticated look. The available finishes include Dark Toast, a slight reddish brown where you can either install it as your cabin home choice or as a complement to a stately look. The Lariat is a dark natural brown used in fantasies where fireplaces are common. The Cinnamon Bun, a golden wood tone is not to be confused with the character from Adventure Time while the Warm Cider is the lighter brown version. Lastly, Salt Creek is a traditional-looking wood brown shade for rooms with natural lighting.