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Anderson Gnarly Plank Hardwood

Anderson Gnarly Plank Hardwood

Anderson Gnarly Plank Hardwood is a good kind of different

When you look at Anderson Gnarly Plank II, I know you would be thinking about old American historic homes, the civil war era, boilers in the kitchen, wood stoves, women wearing those prudish long bubble skirts and bonnets and men in tight pants and long boots. It seems kind of traditional, rustic and rustic. Why is it that if you look at pictures of brown oaky, hardwood flooring that people assume you want to start wearing long skirts, bonnets and chop wood at the back of the house?

You don’t have to perpetuate this fantasy because you can just as well imagine having sharp, pointy, metal and glass made furniture sitting on a Gnarly Plank II Huntington, Cocoa Beach and Waimea Bay planks. You can just as well have a very modern looking bookcase such as Sloane Grey from Crate & Barrel or a Billy combination storage unit from Ikea. How about lying on a Malm style king sized bed from Ikea with matching simple, futuristic night table next to it though your Gnarly Plank flooring is still giving out that traditional vibe. There are no rules and regulation that says with certain kinds of furniture or flooring you need to match it with the exact set of styles from the same kind of design.

Same goes the other way around too, match your rustic looking old fashioned Ikea Svelvik bed frame with modern looking porcelain tiles. All rules are made to be broken anyway so don’t be afraid to match those hardwood flooring and planks with completely different kind of furniture. Be creative in ways that will shock everyone who come into your house and make sure you have 911 on speed dial just in case someone has a heart attack!