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Anderson Hermosa Plank Hardwood

Anderson Hermosa Plank Hardwood

Anderson Hermosa Plank shines with tasteful elegance

The Anderson Hermosa hardwood flooring series offers a warm, artistic look that is absolutely ideal for decorating a space with a look of timeless elegance. Hermosa in Spanish essentially means beautiful and taking a quick glimpse of the series will convey that message to your brain very quickly because this sophisticated floor is completely gorgeous, offering home owners the perfect way to transform a space into a comfortable, warm environment that will impress even the most scrutinizing of guests. Especially those pesky in-laws and next door neighbours.

What is offered under the Anderson’s Hermosa series is wood species which are specially selected which are the kupay and Brazilian hickory. The finishes available are in Cinnaberry, a medium brown, Raisin, a dark brown, Sage, a medium wood tone, Henna, a reddish brown, and Briar, a lighter toned red-brown. Everybody with specific tastes can now have the opportunity to perfectly have their desires accentuated by these high quality wooden floors.

The Anderson Hermosa hardwood flooring series is absolutely perfect for upgrading the appearance of a home. No doubt tasteful elegance is something that differs in everyone’s vocabulary but anyone can see that these planks would be the harmonizing element that will bring together different fabrics and furniture as a whole feature in your rooms.

These stunningly attractive hardwood floors feature planks that are 3/8” thick and 3” wide, offering a sophisticated look wherever they are applied. One of the best ways to beautify a truly boring space is to install good-looking hardwood flooring before choosing the kind of furniture you want. The Hermosa collection is one of the best hardwood floors to use by itself to enhancing the appearance your living spaces as the focal point first. Then, go ahead and choose either fanciful furniture, painting, fabrics and upholstery to fit the flow that is on the flooring itself.