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Anderson Old Fort Hardwood

Anderson Old Fort Hardwood

This gorgeous wide plank oak hardwood is the perfect combination of a more subtle timeworn surface texture with hand hewn varying depth, beveled edges and ends. What does that mean to you? Simple beauty and lushness on your floors from Anderson Old Fort Hardwood. Hardwood may have once been only a traditional flooring option, but it's come a long way and stood the test of time. There's nothing old school about this flooring. Now with various finishes and colors, you can achieve the perfect balance and interior design to suit your style. Go traditional still, for sure, but you're also open to so many more possibilities. Whether you're a total interior design noob or a seasoned professional, you'll find the perfect compliment or foundation to your design dreams in this gorgeous, unassuming oak flooring.

Let's chat about the styling and rich colors, shall we? This Anderson Old Fort Hardwood collection has four color options that will complement any home decor. When looking for a beautiful light to medium tone oak hardwood flooring choice, this is the one. This series offers you exactly what you're looking for in that color scheme with enough choices, you'll be hard-pressed not to find the perfect one for your living space.

Anderson Old Fort Hardwood oak series comes with a 50-year warranty too, so it's an incredibly valuable investment for your home. You're guaranteed value for your dollar for years to come. Lay it down, forget about heavy maintenance or damage concerns, and just enjoy every day elegant living.