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Anderson Southern Vista Hardwood

Anderson Southern Vista Hardwood

Stunning planks with Anderson Southern Vista Hardwood


You may find that the term exotic may be overused nowadays but not when you have had your fill of  Anderson Southern Vista hardwood flooring collection. The Southern Vista is a luxurious balance of classic hardwood that comes together in a marriage of love with exotic influences. You will find that this collection is inspired by deeply earthen elements of rolling mountain foothills, gentle ocean swells and sweeping sand dunes while beautifully showcasing the intricate nature of the Kupay species with an international flair.


You will also find that the Anderson Southern Vista has a look that comes with beveled edges and this engineered series is a perfect addition to any décor in need of added flair and personality. It is important that you pick a flooring which can give real personality instead of showcasing something that looks put upon and the Anderson Southern Vista is something that is genuine. Additionally, the  3/8” thick board was specifically built to last in your home or office with an immaculate timeless appeal for generations to come.


For the detailed eye, it can catch that in each 5” wide plank is a display of beautiful intricacies that is presented in deep grooved wood grain patterns which comes in the offered four luminous, luscious hues. The Anderson Southern Vista also comes with the Anderson’s Luster Lock finish backed by a 30 year warranty so you know that you are gaining a durable backdrop that is sleek and sophisticated as well.


On a lighter note is the dramatic looking Sand Dune revealing a bold golden brown hue offering an amberish glow. Any natural light would be a fodder for this excellent piece. The slightly darker Clay Hollow is a radiant reddish-brown finish with sunburnt rustic accents while the finish of Autumn Swells comes in a more neutral option of antiqued dark brown. Your manor with the Indian garden wants to have this in your living room. The Black Hills being the darkest finish in a chic brown-black hue offers a mysteriously enchanting appeal but the chocolate of Clay Hollow brings heat to cramped bedrooms where single beds are the norm.