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Arizona Tile Aequa Porcelain

Arizona Tile Aequa Porcelain

Arizona Tile’s Aequa is a master of mimicry that will fool even you one day into forgetting its not real wood. The Aequa Series is a rectified color body porcelain which you can generously use all over your house for anything. You can install it from wall to wall and floor to floor from your bathroom to your kitchen. Never has digital technology been synthesized so perfectly to be applied to aesthetic reasons.

The Arizona Tile Aequa presents the appearance of a reclaimed wood in a series that provides the warmth of timeworn matter that has taken on new colors and nuances over time. Don’t worry so much about maintenance as the most minimum is required here. The Arizona Tile’s Aequa series is available in two sizes, 8”x32” and 12”x48” and comes five colors. You may plan numerous patterns and plans with the available sizes and colors easily.

The master bathroom is the one bathroom which will probably take the most attention of all the bathrooms in the house. You can have standardized bathrooms overall but the master, especially if you are sharing it will need the special attention it needs. If you are old enough to remember the movie Sex and The City, you may have seen how Carrie and Mr Big, though shared a bathroom, still have their own sinks and shelves. This is a perfect couple master bathroom. Can you imagine having a bathroom big enough with two toilets instead of one? Maybe even with a partition in between?

You may think about laying one of the five Aequa’s as for your back to nature bathroom. Choose from Castor, Cirrus, Nix, Silva and Tur. Except for Cirrus and Nix which falls under the grey tones, you can use the rich, warm browns of the rest to complement a jungle theme couple master bathroom. Yes, with big porcelain pots of tropical indoor trees, indoor creepers and maybe even a little gushing pond within. Hey, if the bathroom is big enough why not? Now that you have imagined the impossible, plan the possible.