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Arizona Tile Africa Porcelain

Arizona Tile Africa Porcelain

First, feast your eyes on the lovely, warm colours of the Arizona Tile Africa Porcelain. Close your eyes now. Have you always wanted to go on an exotic holiday where the landscapes, sights and sounds are completely different from what you are used to? Have you dreamed of watching the slow saunter of a magnificent lion making its way into a wheat field like savannah? Have you ever dreamed of Africa like Meryl Streep?

Well, dream no more with these beautiful digitally printed porcelain series which come in varied appearances, to give you that feeling of an exoticness, creating a sense of harmony between timeless nostalgia and modernism. The Africa Porcelain is made in four colour variations, available in two sizes and because it is porcelain, cleaning would be an easy job for people who don’t really like house chores (like me).

Whether you’re choosing it for a commercial property or residential, be it for exterior or interior laying, these babies will constantly make you feel like an old colonista wading through time in Africa. Imagine as you walk into your living room, you get a sense of lost world like history like being in the Great Ruins of Zimbabwe or having it at the edge surrounding your tub and pretend you’re in a pond!

Once your kitchen counter top or your walls are laid with the four colour blend, you might as well get some little, round cast iron pots to cook some rabbit stew ala South Africa and immerse yourself in that fantasy.

So either you take that trip to Africa like you have been dreaming of and pay a lot of money for only memories or you choose to bring Africa into your living space by picking these porcelain series as your dream style. Good luck with choosing the colours!