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Arizona Tile Basaltina Porcelain

Arizona Tile Basaltina Porcelain

If you’re the kind of man or a woman who love the grey hues of winters and short days during the non-daylight saving time, the Arizona Basaltina porcelain tile series is something you should seriously consider. Seriously. If you are tired with the blaring colours of summers and people behaving badly on the beach, these tiles would give you a sense of wintery calmness that will always be there in all seasons of the year to comfort you.

Go with the Basaltina Ivory in your living room so that, even when the trees are bright and green outside, you would still feel coolness inside or choose Basaltina Nero for that clean, crisp look in your kitchen so you can always run and hide in there when your partner is being ridiculously drunk in the living room.

Perfect for commercial or residential properties, Basaltina is a rectified colour body property which requires minimal cleaning and upkeep in this fast moving era. Available in two sizes and two finishes, it also comes with a stack and numerous trim pieces.

The trims come in 3"x12" SBN, 6"x12" Cove Base (matte only), 1"x6" Cove In (matte only) and 1"x6" Cove Out (matte only). If you want to make sure that the in laws you don’t like so much don’t come around so often, you would be wise to pick something like the Basaltina Nero Mosaic tiles to make them feel the unwelcomed coolness of a dark, winter while you yourself indulge in the calmness of it all.

Think of all the fun books you will be reading, sitting cosily in front of a hot fireplace inlaid with those elegant Basaltina Mocha mosaic while a perfect cup of real mocha is sitting on the small table next to your couch.

Welcome the mystery of the grey and ashy winters into your home with the Basaltina mosaic series and you will be making the biggest correctness in your life, not the biggest mistake!