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Arizona Tile Cementine Posa Deco

Arizona Tile Cementine Posa Deco

Arizona Tile’s Cementine will bring back the vintage peaceful lifestyle you crave since the modern lifestyle is such a chore. Do you remember when tiles used come in real, painted designs with patterns, flowers and colors instead of just boring solid colors? Do you remember wanting to spend time in a favorite of the school, church or an old café down the street where art made from tiles was the feature?

Well, relive those ancient times of your life with the Arizona Tile’s Cementine series, a porcelain tile series that provides the charm and elegance of a vintage effect. It is available in five unique designs that allow for great variety in how they can be used. Whether using them as individual accents, creating a group of one design, or mixing multiple designs together, they can be used to create a unique layout.

If you are thinking about creating carpet tiles for one of your rooms, then the Arizoan Tile’s Cemetine would work well for this. Under the blooming designs, create flowering, feminine designs using the Cementine Posa 1, Cementine Posa 2, Cementine Posa 2 (Multiple) Cementine Posa 4 and Cementine Posa (Multiple). Totally save on buying a carpet if you are going to use these tiles to decorate your flooring.

The jazzy blues and charming terracotta colors in them will create a Mexican like fiesta atmosphere used as backdrops. You don’t want to have bare walls with solid tiles but something with pattern and colors. Accessories and pottery made of ceramics, wrought iron and colorful upholstery will go well too. However, if you want some modulate tile carpet designs, the Cementine Posa 3, Cementine Posa 5 and Cementine Posa (Multiple) will do the trick. Try to use Cementine Posa 1 (Multiple) and Cementine Posa 3 (Multiple) for designs with more circular patterns in them to create the sky like atmosphere in your rooms.