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Arizona Tile Eramosa Porcelain

Arizona Tile Eramosa Porcelain

Have you home installed with what nature really intended as being good looking with Arizona Tile’s Eramosa porcelain tiles. If the Universe and Nature didn’t really have a thought of its own, it wouldn’t have created all those beautiful things which we see everyday which are not made by man. Think about baby dogs, butterflies, snowy capped mountains and the sun glistening on quiet lake waters. The Eramosa limestone falls under this category too of nature’s amazing things. Arizona Tile’s have decided to give you the opportunity to bring that beauty of nature in terms of stone formation in the Eramosa collection.

Arizona Tile’s Eramosa series is a color body porcelain that is produced to emulate a veined limestone. Under the darker grey shade of carbonized environment, the Eramosa presents Carbon, Carbon Mosaic and Carbon Stack. The shades of carbon grey is a color which is neither black nor white. This tone will help you relax and unwind in volatile situation so think about this being in your bedroom. Mixed sand and water is captured cleverly under the Eramosa Clay, Clay Mosaic and Clay Stack. If you have aspirations of having terracotta like colors for your accessories like pots, vases and jars serving as decorative items, this would be something you can match them with.

Ice is always cool and if you want chilling and cooling to be your main theme, Eramosa’s Ice, Ice Mosaic and Ice Stack will serve you well. Another calming presence to be installed in the little corner of your home with great big whit cushions and comfy chairs. Think “relax”. The Eramosa Natural, Natural Mosaics and Natural Stack exhibits a little wooden behaviour. The mosaic version of this so delightful for your garden arrangement and patios that want to be graces with cane like furniture.

Middle eastern themes which may have features of the desert will work well with Eramosa’s Sand, Sand Mosaic and San Stack. Think of northern parts of Africa and accessories which emulates the nomads.