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Arizona Tile Ethos Porcelain

Arizona Tile Ethos Porcelain

Ecomoso loves the amazing look and environmental integrity of Arizona Tile’s Ethos collection, and so will you! Whether you are Buddhist, Christian, Agnostic, or Wiccan; Liberal, Republican, Commie Pinko or Libertarian; Carnivore, Vegetarian, Omnivore or Breath-Arian, whatever your belief or set of standards, Arizona Tile’s Ethos Collection will convert you to believe in the Power of Porcelain!

The immaculate beauty of travertine stone is replicated in these gorgeous, natural looking, durable tiles. Suitable for interior and exterior applications, Ethos will provide continuity from your grand entry way through your living spaces and into your secluded patio and pool space with seamless grace! Choose from three earthy colors: beachy Ethos beige, stormy Ethos Grey, and nutty Ethos Noce. Because they withstand frost, extreme temperatures, and provide excellent traction even when wet, you can use them in the high desert or in the rainforest, and everywhere in between on our lovely planet!

Ethos’ classic look of timeless beauty lets you incorporate the aesthetic of Mediterranean stone into the modern style of your home, business or commercial space in your choice of 18” x 18”, 12” x 24”, and elegant 2” x 2” mosaic pieces, with 3” x 12” bullnose pieces to finish your look in style!

Made from 40 Percent pre-consumer recycled content, you no longer have to recycle hand me down looks to have an eco-friendly design that is 100 percent fresh! So go ahead and give the wicker Papa-san chair to Good Riddance - I mean, Goodwill. Use that donation money to invest in Arizona Tile’s Ethos collection today and live surrounded by stone-inspired serenity for a lifetime!