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Arizona Tile Find

Arizona Tile Find Series

The Arizona Tile Find series lets you have that clean, modern concrete look, in a porcelain tile for easy maintenance. Concrete is in. It's modern, fun, and you get to manipulate and control the urban jungle by bringing it home and warming it up for your space with whatever you like; wherever your whim goes. You don't get to do much of that with real concrete in the city. So if you're looking for a change, want that contemporary feel, have a space that cries for a minimalist look, don't prefer the wood or conventional tile look, you might just be barking up the right city tree here.

Take our Arizona Tile Find ash, clay, pumice and steel colors and go throughout the house or any commercial space. Interior and exterior, it's frost proof! Your business, spa, boutique, office or restaurant would look amazing with this upgrade. Your own residential home is crying out for new! new! new! Go indoors or out with our tile on countertops, across floors and up the walls. Do an entire room or just a focal wall behind the tub or sofa.

Create an amazing backsplash or tub surround. Put us in the shower! We don't mind. Countertops and vanities would look incredibly chic and be so easy to keep clean with the porcelain Arizona Tile Find collection. And then look in your living room or family room, because you just can't resist adding our tile as a fireplace surround too. Imagine the stockings hung by the chimney with care...in front of this tile.