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Arizona Tile Granite

Arizona Tile Granite

The Arizona Tile Granite collection pulls the appeal of the most beloved choice in countertops and turns it into versatile 12”x12” tiles. This all-natural collection showcases one of the most durable natural stones in a wide array of styles and coloring. Resulting in a line that screams opulence, your home or commercial space will never be the same. Natural stain resistant, these beauties are perfect for everyday lifestyles with ease of mind maintenance requirements. A polished complexion works to bring out the natural components of granite for tiling that sparkles in any artificial or natural light. Avoiding the look of un-wanted grout lines, Arizona Tile Granite specialized in a continuous look that flows across any space.

Offering an attractive beauty that has been replicated in such a majestic manner, Arizona Tile Granite adds dimension and volume to a space while serving as a timeless element. Only adding value to your home or business, these natural tiles can be applied to the floors, walls, countertops and even used in exterior spaces, taking advantage of all the natural wonders granite has to offer. A wide array of styles and shades allows for optimal customization. Baltic Brown plays up the classic style of granite in rustic brown tones while Colonial White is a regal choice in light white and cream shades freckled with touches of grays. Galaxy Black is a dramatic finish in a bold black backdrop with twinkling white glimpses. Perfect for the contemporary design, New Sunset Gold reveals soft sandy hues with subtle rustic red undertones.