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Arizona Tile Islandia Glass

Arizona Tile Islandia Glass

Answering all your residential and commercial needs for a strong, durable glass tile, the Arizona Tile Islandia Glass line is made from 8mm high quality, heavy duty, construction-grade glass. This type of glass is used for commercial windows in high-rise office buildings and hotels, so it can definitely answer your needs.

The tiles are beautiful, island inspired colors. They're run through the kiln to soften the edges and give a pillowed effect atop each tile, and instead of the usual 2-3 coats of color pigments like other painted-back glass tile, the Arizona Tile Islandia Glass has 6 coats of the colored pigment. This makes the color less apt to chip, therefore creating a more durable material. The final firing process bonds the color to the glass chemically, making it fade-proof.

Our Arizona Tile Islandia Glass collection's colors come in a variety of choices: 4"x12" Glossy, 4"x12" Matte, 4"x3" Mesh Gloss and a specialty Chevron Mesh that's a mix of Glossy and Matte. This gives you so much versatility around your residential or commercial space. Your home, office, bar or other space craves the look and feel that this beautiful glass brings. It's so worth it! You can even install this tile in and around your pool.

Just think, the possibilities are endless! Indoor and out, this durable, frost proof glass tile is best used... well... everywhere! Except the floor, of course. Otherwise, think about the wall, fireplaces, pools and patios, tub surrounds and showers, vanities and backsplashes. Bring these cool island colors home and blow some fresh vacation-like feelings into your space.