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Arizona Tile Kensington Porcelain

Arizona Tile Kensington Porcelain

Arizona Tile Kensington Porcelain, bravo sir! Good choice. This stylish range from Arizona Tile takes its name from the affluent borough of Kensington in London. Now we have always had a good working relationship with that loud little island on the other side of the pond, since we sent them back to where they came from in 1776. Although we like to mock their accents and laugh at their strange traditions we do find them slightly charming. Every so often they produce a handsome prince and they don’t mind coming to blow stuff up with us in the Middle East. So it is time to think of high society England, nestled in the affluent suburbs of London, museums, socialites and a palace to suit, Kensington as a location is idyllic and as a tile just as regal.

Well who wouldn’t want to live in a home decked out in Kensington Porcelain, as charming as it sounds, its appearance is what tantalizes the palette. Available in four noble colors: Beige, Brown, Grey and Ivory, their intelligent composition delivers a wonderful effect in your home, transforming your surroundings to resemble a utopian paradise.

If Henry VIII had chosen you as his wife, you would have been spared the unfortunate fate that his wives suffered. Your head would have still been on your neck and you may not have needed to face divorce proceedings. With a tile that is fit for an English monarch you can’t really go wrong, just choose the size that best suits this Queens abode, 12” x 12”, 18” x 18” or 3” x 12”.