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Arizona Tile Mineral Mosaic

Arizona Tile Mineral Mosaic

When you’re trying to explain to your brother who thinks he knows better than you about mosaics or ceramics, you can have the upper hand now in having the knowledge that certain mosaics can be made of metal just like the Arizona Mineral Mosaic. You can arrogantly explain to him how these tiles with ceramic body have copper and stainless steel enmeshed in them.

Tell that know it all sibling that copper and stainless steel are well known practical material which have been used for thousands of years as great alloys in all kinds of everyday things such as cutlery, coins, electricity conductors and many others. Make sure you have your hands on your waist while you’re telling him that so he understands that you know your stuff!

Then, explain to him that you felt Arizona Mineral Mosaic is more raw and exclusive in texture and dynamics because of its metal properties. With the modernish feeling of the metal and the charming texture of ceramics, these tiles will look awesomely perfect in that one room you can always feel proud of yourself in front of your know it all brother.

Which room you ask? Well, your kitchen of course! Where else would greedy, gluttony brothers hang out in anyone’s house? If you’re a woman, then he wants to sit there complaining about his wife and if you’re a man, then he wants to sit there and smell your wife’s awesome cooking instead of the one he’s getting at home.

And when he asks you about how your wife manages to clean and cook at the same time, tell him it’s because you don’t let her anywhere near the tiles because you fear she will use some acidic cleaner and ruin the beautiful colour of these unique mosaic. So, those rooms with these mineral tiles gets your special, caring touch with the right kind of cleaner and she can do (ruin) all the cooking she wants.

Just don’t tell him the part where when you chose to these tiles to complement your rustic but contemporary look, you almost let your wife put in your bran new swimming pool, which is a no no for these types of ceramics.