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Arizona Tile Pearl White

Arizona Tile Pearl White

Do you remember those days when you were a little child where you watched your mother dressing up to go out with your dad and she puts on her favourite piece of jewellery, which were her drop pearl earrings? Well, nobody else remembers those days or the pearl jewelleries either but you can fantasize about having such a 50s like childhood now by acquiring the Arizona Pearl White Polish.

How does laying tiles invoke such fantasies you ask? Because if you or your parents did grow up in the 50s where there weren’t that many different styles of porcelain tiles, then you would realize that those poor people in those days only got to go to bathrooms and living rooms which had these uneventful tiles.

Imagine not going into a bathroom, hallways or a coming across a kitchen counter which doesn’t literally give you a headache or a tummy ache just by looking at those wild colours and patterns. It would indeed be a very uneventful trip to a bathroom as such with the Pearl White polishes where you can finally be not distracted by splashes of colours and be alone with your own uneventful thoughts.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that white porcelain are not savoury as these are some of the first material and colour used by ancient civilizations to make everyday ware or special commemorative wares.

It is hard, durable, elastic and permeable so that some of the world’s most beautiful expression like Ming vases were made in polished white porcelain. Since it has properties like thermal shock resistance and chemical attacks ,in the event of a cataclysmic occurrence, you can be sure that your pearl white polish will survive, for your future surviving descendants.