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Arizona Tile Quartzite & Slate

Arizona Tile Quartzite & Slate

Arizona Tile Slate and Quartzite collection offers a blend of natural beauty with inherent elegance. These authentic tiles compliment both interior and exterior spaces with an architecturally rich aesthetic. Perfect for enhancing any traditional or contemporary décor, Arizona Tile Slate contains mica flakes the transfer a unique, all-natural look for one-of-a-kind tiles with a sleek touch. Arizona Tile Quartzite is a more rustic choice with natural veining and rich color variations. The two stones highlight a unique touch that can be applied to the floors, walls and countertops of any residential or commercial space.

Offered in a wide array of colors and styles, choose from 12”x12” and 16”x16” square tile sizes to customize your space with. Of the available styles, the Arizona Tile Slate and Quartzite series reveals an inviting appeal that will timelessly complete any space from the kitchen to the grand receptions rooms. Montauk Black Slate presents the classic depiction of slate tiles in a deep, monochromatic charcoal grey tone. Golden Green Honed Quartzite depicts the soft flowing natures of ocean waves in calming blue-green tones. Differing greatly, Brazilian Rust Slate is an advanced option mixing a wide variety of shades from dusty and merlot browns to sea foam greens and golden ambers.