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Arizona Tile Savannah

Timeless tile with Arizona Savannah series

Arizona Tile Savannah series may actually be based on some of those old, sprawling mansions with wrought iron grille and flanking, spooky looking Spanish moss growing on cypresses. The Savannah series is a rectified color body porcelain which is a synthesis of digital technology applied to aesthetic visuals. The series give the appearance of visual perfection and the elegance of clean, welcoming ambiences.

Though Savannah architecture comes in different styles, you can have a look at how the Georgian style of architecture and interiors worked in vintage times. Georgian style colour schemes were burgundy, sage green and blue grey but throughout the years as the style developed, these colors became lighter. The color schemes included more of pea green, sky or Wedgwood blue, soft grey, dusky pink and a flat white or stone. Arizona Tile’s Savannah series have porcelain tiles in Savannah Honey, Savannah Milk and Savannah Sepia to complement the above mentioned color schemes for your boudoirs and parlors.

The Savannah series reflects the soul of wood with its timeless beauty and silent perfect lines. In those days, walls were still wood panelled but the panelling only reached a particular height and the plaster above was either painted or papered. You can use the Savannah series from Arizona Tiles instead of real wood panelling for your walls. With its numerous patterns and the easy maintenance feature, it sure is a great addition. Use Savannah Cream, Savannah Dust or Savannah Coffee for this purpose.

Or use them for flooring instead and use repeat wallpaper patterns that look like they came from the Far East. Anything with a chinoiserie feel to it would be in keeping it with the Georgian style pattern. Also Georgian in nature, simple block papers can also be introduced and experimented with. Rudimentary designs of geometric patterns with squares and stripes, perhaps with darker shading behind are also as uniquely Georgians as making your own wallpaper with a hand- blocking stamp. Hurrah for DIY.