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Arizona Tile Shimmer Glass

Arizona Tile Shimmer Glass

Please be completely brave and embrace your gaudy taste with Arizona Tile’s Glass Shimmer mosaics. The world could use more brightness and happiness in this day and age so you should be able to bring that into your home too. If you have just bought a new place and are thinking of decorating it, you have entire walls , backsplashes and areas you could decorate with Arizona Tile’s Glass Shimmer.

To enable this audacity in your new home, Arizona Tile Glass Shimmer has so many different varieties under its collection you would be bawled over looking at them. Forget about boring old cut beige tiles for you kitchen backsplash. Why would people want to do something like that when they can have something from the Glass Shimmer collection?

The Shimmer glass mosaics are hand-poured which results in the beautiful variation seen in each color combination. This variation in tone and shade makes each piece unique so even if you decide to decorated your home with different designs from this same collection you will have something unique each time. The hand-pouring also leads to a more creative, free-formed mosaic which can include slight creases and bubbles seen on the surface as well as grout joint sizes that may vary. The materials used to create Shimmer glass, including recycled glass, are fired in the kiln for 24 hours at 800-900° Celsius. Once in a liquid state, it is hand-poured into the mold and allowed to cool.

Under the Glass Shimmer collection you have the multi mixed with white based Shimmer Abalone, the bluish Shimmer Azul, the maroon red based Shimmer Lagoon, shimmering white Shimmer Pearl, the gem like Shimmer Peridot, beautiful oceanic Shimmer Teal, orange based Shimmer Tiger’s Eye and another gemstone based Shimmer Topaz.

The usage of any of the above is highly recommended for the ones with songs and laughter in their souls to carry on to their living spaces. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, living rooms, children’s rooms and why not even make a room just to hang out in with the Glass Shimmer on your walls?