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Arizona Tile Strata

High Quality Glass tile in the Arizona Tile Strata collection

The Arizona Tiles Strata collection is exactly the kind of glass mosaic tiles you need in a dull and boring office. If you have an office in a high rise building where your rent and income had just went up, it is now time to throw the dull office look out of the window and change into a swanky one. Just imagine you are a mob lawyer and you work for a family a la the Sopranos. They just got into a new line of business (maybe legit this time?) and you are to handle all of their accounts. You can now certainly afford a contemporary looking office instead of the one that looks like something that came from the Godfather.

This is where Arizona Tile’s Strata collection comes in. The Strata glass line is made from 8mm high quality, heavy duty, construction-grade glass, which is usually used for commercial windows in high-rise office buildings and hotels. This is wonderful to protect you from anyone trying to take out from the other building. The Starta’s coloring is made up of color pigments which are applied on one side of the glass sheets using a hand-painting process. This application is then evenly distributed in layers across the entire surface.

The effect of this process is simply stunning as you can in the Strata’s collection in metal inspired looks. Use the darker Arizona Tile’s Strata Obsidian for an intimidating look. The Strata Titanium can be something that is a little bit more neutral and friendly while the Strata Platinum might give away the fact that you are a little soft on the inside. That is not a great look for a mob lawyer and totally do not use the Strata Platinum in any case.

Of course because of the durability of the Strata, you are welcome to install it in your home as well. Over at home, you may use the Strata Platinum as your welcome sight everyday when you get home. Clean, pure and light looking the Strata Platinum may be the visual calm you need after a hard day at the office discussing espionage over coffee with your bosses.