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Arizona Tile Urban Listelle

Arizona Tile Urban Listelle

Math enthusiast and mixology connoisseurs would love the Arizona Tile Urban Listelle’s breaking patterns in any tedious looking porcelain or ceramic application in their living spaces. Simply to give that monotony a kick in the behind and to use their creative, calculative talents in the construction of their living and breathing space.

Those of you who sadistic enough to insist on unrelieved environment with plain looking tiles, might want to relent to some Urban Copper or an Urban Nero applique just to have enough creativity happening on the edge of those counter tops or a break at the end of walls.

Though listelles may seem unfunctional at times but you may find you need them when you are tiling entire walls, floor to ceiling to give a sigh of relief. Here’s a thought, why don’t you take an Urban Silver Listelle and insert it in between floor tiles which has a polished, modern look. This will be a nice throw off for any naysayers who think your floor is just plain boring while giving it some visual movement.

Then you can point them to those visual movement and say, “See, I’m not as boring as you thought!” These porcelain tiles are made in Italy and come in 2” x 12” sizes. Of course you can pick those listelles that have patterns and wavy lines in them but you know once you get those you’re going to regret it because it doesn’t tally in with your urban, edgy like personality.

Go for the Arizona Urban Listelles let those patterns confuse the pants off those who can’t convince themselves of which personality bracket you fall into!