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Arizona Tile Waterfall Porcelain

Arizona Tile Waterfall Porcelain

Your life would be flowing even more easily with the Arizona Tile’s Waterfall series laid in your most favorite parts of the house. Bodies of water has always been an inspiration for architects and designers as one of the simplest elements to copy for building purposes. You would find many building materials named after part of water and in this case, after one of nature’s most beautiful design, the waterfall.

Arizona Tile’s Waterfall series is a color body porcelain made with digital print technology that creates varied appearances. The warmth of the four colors which are available under this series will enrich your spaces in a continuous flow of shades, hints and nuances. The sizes are also varied and versatile coming in rectangular tiles, stacks and mosaics. Something like the Waterfall Victoria will be a wonderful addition to flank a friendly fireplace.

If you are living a place where the cold is a constant feature, having a fireplace can help you create a natural ambience enriched in calming qualities. A fireplace is a feast for your eyes, a hug for your senses and a great added value for those quiet, reading times. Traditional or electrical, the fireplace is a good place to gather around to. So you would want it to be inlaid with great looking tiles like the Victoria.

If you are planning for a very sleek new European style living room with a fireplace, you can consider the Arizona Tile’s Niagara. The modern European interior design tends to move very far away from what was the norm in the olden days. Functional like IKEA styles are abundant in modern European homes. You can imagine the kind of knickknacks surrounding the modern fireplace, which is probably nothing.

The modern fireplace would be inlaid in the wall with no mantel and probably have glass partitions. Greys, blacks and very dark browns would be the taste. Waterfall’s Yosemite and Jog would fall in perfectly with this style and give the room the flow it needs. Your fireplace will have the two basic elements of life merged in between the functionality and the chosen tile.