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Armstrong Artesian Hand-Tooled Collection

Armstrong Artesian Hand-Tooled Collection

When we first saw the collection under the Armstrong Artesian Hand Tooled hardwood floors, we just clucked our tongues and shook our heads. We have never seen such beauty and wonder under one collection. This is one of those collection which you will not brush over for once.

Three major species has been used to make hardwood flooring you have never seen before under this collection. The birch, hickory and walnut. So fresh off the boat that you may still find some squirrels attached to the floors still. Birch wood is well known for its hardness, the texture of fine grained and its satin like sheen. Some birchwood has ripple textures and dark streaks and lines.

Under the Armstrong Artesian Hand Tooled Birch, we have the Chutney Spice, Peanut Shell and Steel Brown. These are hand scraped and given a medium gloss finish, suitable for great big dining rooms overlooking rolling hills and meadows.

For a stiff, defensive, shock resistant wood species for flooring, the hickory is the best. The Armstrong Artesian Hand Tooled Hickory collection proudly presents the very dark Hickory Brunet which will look either rustic or modern with the right kind of fittings. Together with that beauty, you can also choose Hickory Harvest, Hickory Barrel Brown, Hickory Cinnabar Brush and the mahogany colored Hickory Mull spice, very spicy looking indeed. In another dramatic shade is the Hickory Wheatland, a fierce competitor to the real landscape of any wheat fields in America.

The walnut tree itself is so beautiful and pleasing to the eye that its photos are all over the internet as wallpapers. Not many people know that the tree itself used as lumber is of very high quality, which is the reason why it is popular for hardwood flooring. Walnut hardwood flooring is given a special treatment under the Armstrong Artesian Hand Tooled. Three very different shades are available here which are Walnut Black Chocolate, Walnut Natural in its pale sheen and the Walnut Whisper Brown. Each one of them are exclusively eye catching and would please even the most critical ones.