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Armstrong Ascot Strip and Plank Solid Hardwood

Cold Nights by the fire place or warm afternoons in the front room with your wall to wall sliding glass window/door as you relaxingly observe the beautiful beach and the life going on around you, sipping your pomegranate mojito and thinking, how could this get any better as you gently slide your feet across your silky smooth Ascot Plank or Strip hardwood floor from Armstrong.  A leader in hardwood, featuring some of the richest and most vivid hardwood floors on the market today, Armstrong brings the delights of hardwood to you in a solid plank or strip form with Ascots’s medium gloss finishing that will smoothly illuminate the gorgeous grains, heartwood colors and more.  ForEver II Satin is one of Armstrong’s finest finishes and will keep you reminiscing of the gold coast and Ascot, Australia or roasting marshmallows and sipping cocoa like Ascot, Quebec.  Whatever you style of “ascot”, Armstrong has a finish, color and size available that will bring solid hardwood sophistication with a sensible style for a superb price.  With a 25 year warranty and a label that says this is one of the better products offered by Armstrong, you know that your Ascot hardwood floors will withstand the tests of time, toddler traffic,  terrific tastings, and everything in between whilst brilliantly displaying the color collection that features high board to board variation for diversity and distinguished design. 

Ambiance aficionados please apply as the smooth, rich and striking colors, offered in either 2.25 or 3.25 widths, depending on if you choose Plank or Strip style, open up and invite inspiration and important memories.  Applicable in your home or professional space and colors including Natural, Sable, Chestnut, Mink and Topaz, make Armstrong Ascot an instant improvement that will undeniably flow flawlessly with any existing accouterments or finishing.  You deserve to have what you want and Armstrong is here to ensure that you get just that Ascot Strip and Plank solid hardwoods.