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Armstrong Blackwater Hardwood

Armstrong Blackwater Hardwood

Blackwater will make you think of a few things, some of them nice and some, well, not so nice. Obviously blackwater waste is a bad thing and unfortunately this is what many will relate, so Armstrong decided to give the word new meaning.  Inspired by beautiful national parks, rivers, forests and towns with the name, where some of the riches elemental resources of nature exist, Armstrong brings you an excellent engineered hardwood, Blackwater Classics.  These rich and sultry finishes are exotic, eloquent and regal with sensationally vivid finishes that will leave you feeling good, maybe even great, about Blackwater.  Featured in expansive 5” planks, Blackwater offers colors, styles, finishes and species that will have you feeling crystal clear about your couture choices to come.  Featuring HartGuard Deluxe for the definite durability, distressed appearances for the luxury of time-worn woods, low gloss finish allowing the authenticity of the moderately antiqued classics to be showcased and square edges that floor effortlessly. 

Blackwater Classics offers two different sought after species for you to peruse and be persuaded by. American Cherry is featured in warm and welcoming Amberglow and frisky Fireside.  Perfect for homes loaded it timeless luxury or advancing to avant-garde status, Blackwater offers diversity in design and elements of elegance.  Walnut is featured in Vintage and Antique, which only serve to further illuminate the gorgeous straight and open grains, intense color variation between boards and veining of this exotically enthusiastic domestic.  A unique line with a unique outlook, Armstrong Blackwater Classics engineered hardwood will set you apart in style, stature and sustainability.