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Armstrong Century Farm Hardwood

Armstrong Century Farm Hardwood

The hardwood flooring we choose is the foundation for our home or a particular room. The Century Farm collection offers the highest level of versatility with its hand-scraped variation by Armstrong Hardwood.

The Century Farm Engineered Hardwood collection offers shades and looks that will bring you home. Differing from other lines with a “homey” feel, this Century Farm hardwood line brings home the basic and natural appearances of the varied wood and shade choices presented. Derived from the Birch, Hickory, Cherry, Maple and Walnut species, making 12 color choices, this well designed and handcrafted engineered hardwood will bring you to your roots, wherever they may be. If you long for the a look of raw nature, colors like Peppercorn, a Maple with a dark finish, that may be reminiscent of your volcano hikes in Hawaii or Forrest Treks in Colorado, will provide just that.  Armstrong Century Farm has combined some of the finest woods with some of the finest color stains to create a line guaranteed to bring you back home, to nature, whilst being home, as we all could use a little more nature amongst our busy high-tech lives.

With floors built to last like Mother Nature itself, Armstrong Hardwood provides durable floors at great value, fitting the needs of any homeowner in the market for a engineered hardwood floor. Century Farm's planks fit wonderfully in either traditional or contemporary decor settings thanks to subtle details as hand-scraped surfaces and durable Permion Urethane finishes. The edges and ends are full beveled, creating the ultimate naturally carved look for those who want their floor to look like it’s from, well, nature.  These elegant engineered hardwood floors are available in 5” widths for bold definition, helping to exemplify the random length design of the Century Farm collection.  This line features an intense and diverse line of colors, from Walnut Allspice to Hickory Honey Butter and Maple Burnt Almond.