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Armstrong Commercial Premium Lustre Laminate

Premium Lustre Commercial Laminate

The Premium Lustre Collection from Armstrong offers all of the legendary performance of the Premium Commercial line, but with the added benefit of high-gloss finishes. The collection fuses the distinctive beauty of natural hardwoods with the durability and performance of Premium grade top-of-the-line laminate flooring. If you have been searching for the ultimate durability that Armstrong’s 15 year commercial and lifetime residential warranty can offer with an elaborate replication process in a class of its own, that won’t have people second guessing the authenticity of your gorgeous floors, you have met your match. MasterWorks VTx is the best of the best and allows every aspect of the original hardwood being mimicked to shine through genuinely. One only need look as far as the silky and polished lines of pine accurately represented in Adrift’s ornate and timeless whitewash grey finish to confirm. Give timeless elegance to your Brokerage office or home office with the knotty detail and dark striations of Candied Cherry’s intensely warm amber hue. The 4.92” wide planks and beveled edge appearance gives space for the polished precision put into the stunning Premium Lustre Commercial Laminate flooring collection from Armstrong to radiate like the real hardwoods they closely synthesize. Give your floor a humble complexity that will resonate throughout the space with the ever expanding rings of Summer Tan Fruitwood. To set a dramatic and tasteful tone that put’s your clients at ease, try the brilliantly deep mahogany finish of Forest Brown Maple. Premium Lustre Collection is the ultimate look in class, with its VisionGuard high-gloss finish that will create an unquestionably authentic hard wood elegance in any space applied, that will continue to shine on through rain, shine and all of the elements. Gain the beneficial looks of hardwood with durability and resilience of Armstrong's Premium Lustre Collection, available at a more economical price-point fit for any home, office or place of business and its respective budget.