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Armstrong Exotics Laminate

Exotics Laminate

Take a walk on the wild side as you indulge your travel inspired designer within, with Armstrong’s Exotic Laminate Collection. Whether your desire for a more sophisticated décor is born of island hopping from Madagascar to the Seychelles, or watching a special on exotic tree species of Asia’s rainforests, these exotics from Armstrong will fit your style needs as well as your budget. An economical way to improve the look, feel and value of your home, these laminates add character, warmth and distinction to any room or office space. Such a durable product is perfect for those who have always dreamt of hardwood beauty while simultaneously having nightmares of scrapes and scuffs of parties past. The Exotics Laminate collection falls into Armstrong’s “best” category and the MasterWorks precision used to accurately depict the gorgeous species being imitated supports this claim. The VisionGuard Low-Gloss finish and micro edges gently illuminate the definition and color of unique and aged finishes like Yorkshire Walnut, leaving an authentic appearance. Create a Colonial look in your home with sophisticated styles like Afzelia, inspired by the hardwood originating from Asia and Africa. Distinguish your racy décor from the rest, with the luscious striping of Noce Milan’s warm pinkish overtones alongside the deep chocolate undertones. Give your home-office a modern and polished look with Armstrong Exotic Laminate’s Santos Mahogany, or ground your conference room with Jatoba Select’s warmth and depth. Tiger Maple also offers a stunning yet indistinct color that contradicts itself brilliantly with its entangled lines and texture. Have fun creating your tropical expanse at a price that will leave you wondering what room you might adorn with this beautiful Exotic Laminate Collection next.