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Armstrong Global Exotics Hardwood

Armstrong Global Exotics Hardwood

Armstrong Hardwood seems to be up for the challenge of making a hardwood floor for everyone.  For some of us our image is created by what we wear, drive and do for a living, others base their life value on the places they have been, the number of stamps in their passport.

Adventurers in search of bringing the like-no-other look of their favorite bungalows and guesthouses from abroad need look no further than Armstrong Global Exotics. These gorgeous and unique hardwoods are available in 7 different unique species with a variety of stains and finishes.

Underplay your inner global maven with the subtle beauty of this emergent hardwood collection. These exotic and exclusive hardwoods offer a varying timeless diversity that is unprecedented by any other hardwood flooring solution. Allow your living space to transform into a delicious memory of time spent on the Brazilian Beaches of Ipanema or your treks through the African Sahara of Angola as your bring the rare beauty found in so few places, to your home.

Armstrong Global Exotics add distinctive beauty from around the world. This elegant engineered and solid hardwood collection captures the alluring charm of exotic hardwoods species such as Tigerwood, Cabreuva, Jatoba, Kempas, Lapacho, Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany, and Sapele. Each species offers a unique appearance with different origins, colors and sophisticated grains.

Global Exotics planks are supplied in 3.5” or 4.72” widths, making each style reminiscent of a different world traveling adventure. While the Global Exotics collection is anything but standard, the standard strength, warranties and attention to detail is offered as Armstrong has perfected these beautiful imports to adorn your floor. Low-Gloss Permion Urethane finish and micro-beveled edging, leave the look feeling, au naturale.

Armstrong Global Exotics hardwoods encompass the forever changing and tough life of a traveler as these Exotics feature optimal strength and beautiful color ranges that will alter as time goes on, as the searching adventurer does.