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Armstrong Grand Illusions Laminate

Grand Illusions Laminate

Armstrong Grand Illusions Laminate flooring is made so much to look like the real thing, that you yourself might at times forget it is simulated. You may only remember at the times when you get to enjoy the ease of cleaning the beautiful low-gloss VisionGuard finish that will help this durable HydraCore constructed laminate last. An incredible assortment of variation is available within the Grand Illusions Laminate Collection. You can choose exotics or domestic treasures, in finishes ranging from subtle Natural, to vibrant American Apple, and Brazilian Jatoba. The MasterWorks technology offered exclusively by Armstrong, recreates the minor intricate details that bring to life the colors, textures, and grains of the actual wood being sythensized. The definition leaves a flawless product that is difficult to identify as anything but the real thing. Emanate elegance with the gorgeous Canadian Maple, as the warmth and glow will transform an otherwise typical living room into a space for stately affairs. Achieve fresh and novel looks with these 4.92” wide planks with seamless micro-beveled ends and contrasting presentations like Grand Illusions Brazilian Walnut and Heartwood Walnut. Obtain an intense aura with deep Ambers and intricacies of American Apple and Cabrueva, a saucy South American breed. Capture warmth and essence with Cherry Bronze and Cherry Natural. Open your space and create character with distinct styles like Melbourne Acacia and seduce your guests to Samba with Tiger Wood, a Brazilian beauty. Even in describing Armstrong’s Grand Illusions and its unparalleled décor options, one can forget that this is a laminate collection closest to the real deal. The only ones that may know the truth at the end of the day are you, and your pocketbook.