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Armstrong Natural Living

Armstrong Natural Living Vinyl

Something about the Armstrong Natural Living Vinyl collection creates the thoughts of horses and stables. An alternative look at having a cost effective but still elegant wood like material for your flooring needs is something what this collection is striving to achieve. Don’t worry so much about not having the real thing because the real thing may not always be the best thing for some.

These vinyl pieces are durable, water resistant and easy to maintain so it is a win win situation in all stance. Armstrong Natural Living Vinyl proves this over and over again with its popularity. Not to mention this collection is also eco-friendly. We want to highlight that the Armstrong Natural Living Vinyl Brazilian Forest and the English

Walnut are the two designs we would love to touch the most. These two magnificent looking styles resemble the pelt of the best thorough breed every raised in England for sport. You can’t possibly go wrong with these two in your home. We’re thinking of doing the whole house with these.

Though, when we think about an old, mangy horse who has had its time at the races but still looking good enough to be ridden on (vintage), we want to have the Armstrong Natural Living Old Mill or Patina Oak. Old looking but still living. If you want wooden floor that looks like its working its wooden charm, then Armstrong Natural Living Russet Hickory or Sahara Hickory is a great idea. With wood floors, you want to have something that looked it has grown a long time and might be durable. That is certainly visible under this style.

Armstrong Natural Living Silver Creek Oak is the odd one out here in terms of color. There is something unnaturally alluring about wood that is very place, sort of like those nights in the wood with the Blair Witch. Did the house in the woods have awesome flooring like the Silver Creek, then maybe that’s why she never left.

Beauty cannot be measured no matter what and that is what comes to mind when your look at the Armstrong Natural Living Tropical Harvest. There are just no words or adjectives to describe this piece of awesome item under this collection. You will definitely choose this for your high traffic areas for visibilities and compliments. Others in this collection which are equally attractive are the Balck Walnut Vinyl, Hickory Vinyl, Golden Grove Vinyl and Vintage Broan Oak Vinyl.