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Armstrong Reserve Premium X Grain Laminate


Armstrong Reserve Premium X-Grain designed for easy installation

If your life is too complicated and you don’t want to have a complicated flooring to install by yourself, choose the Armstrong Reserve Premium X-Grain Laminate flooring systems. Most people are really into do-it-yourself projects nowadays because not only costs money to hire other people to do it but it is also fun to do it yourself.

Of course, do it yourself projects should be limited to small household projects that doesn’t involve body parts like hair and teeth. You could foresee all the things that could go wrong with those and of course, even a carpentry or renovation project could go wrong but it can be rectified quickly and easily although with added costs.

But with the Armstrong Laminate X-Grain flooring systems, you can bet that not much will go wrong since it is designed for easy installation by beginning DIY fans. Take a look on Youtube how you can easily strip the flooring in your living room or bedroom for a surprise birthday gift for your wife. Make sure you have packed her off for a spa treatment for a few days before you destroy the place which will save you much inconvenience from your wife.

Choose X-Grain Khaki Rough Cut or X-Grain Sable Rough Cut from Armstrong and look at all the easy ways you can install the flooring system. This laminate flooring looks like White Oak so you will have all the beauty and sheen of a traditional charm. If you are looking for a rustic bedroom which your wife had wanted so much over the last few years, this will be correct choice you will be making.

Pair together this rustic looking laminate flooring with soft, velvet curtains which can help in noise reduction if you’re the kind of couple who makes a lot of noise in the bedroom. There are no women in the world who would say no to flowers so think about having your rustic bedroom decorated with either fresh cut flowers or spend some money in real looking faux flowers that can last a long time.