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Armstrong Stone Creek II Laminate

Stone Creek II Laminate

Armstrong Stone Creek Laminate is an excellent choice for homeowners and designers who are looking for an alternative to the typical wood look, but who still want the performance of a high-quality laminate.

Stone Creek laminate resembles the subtle contours and textures of natural stone, bringing you the authentic marbling appearance without the hassle of caring for natural stone or the price tag that comes with it.

Armstrong offers some of the industry’s best with their MasterWorks award winning construction process, allowing them to replicate the patterns in such a way that you feel you color, texture and intensity of a natural stone floor. HydraCore additionally offers the durability offered by Armstrong that will protect your floor from moisture and other damages for years to come. The low-gloss VisionGuard finish will give your floor a natural shine while protecting them diligently from the daily wear and tear and inevitable spills of your special event.

The square edges of Stone Creek Laminates gives a seamless appearance that allows the rich intricacies that make stone such an attractive option to be in the forefront. Azul will transform your great room into a Spanish Esplanade.

Turn your kitchen into your own Taqueria with Camino’s beautiful pink tone that has dark striations delicately sewn in, or soften and brighten your room with a classic southwest décor, Glace, capturing a favorite look that marries pinks with grays and a hint of violet.

One of Stone Creek’s most sultry and ornate, Sienna, a mystic combination of beautiful tans, rosy maroons and slate. Sienna will add a playful character that is profound, to any space.

The Stone Creek Laminate Collection features Armstrong’s 30 year warranty, a continued reassurance of the durability of this unique product, one of Armstrong’s best.