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Armstrong Stonetex Vinyl Flooring

Armstrong Stonetex Vinyl Flooring

Armstrong holds many top collection depicting authentic realism of stone and hardwood, but never before as their been a collection quite like Stonetex. More than just a pretty series with a unique look, these fashion vinyl floor tiles uplift any atmosphere transforming into a playful environment where form and function unite to bring style, durability, and endless character. Vibrant yet eye pleasing, the bevy of these vinyl floors offers an option in floor coverings that literally become the talk of the town. With a subtle avant-garde influence, the sprawling beauty of Stonetex dives deep into the realm of eco-friendly flooring offering recycled components for all around “smart” flooring.

Stylish, “green” and durable, embrace easy maintenance requirements as these floors fight against stains, scratches, dents, fading and wearing with ease. Applied to versatile 12”x12” square tiles, choose from a wide range of 19 distinct finishes to uplift any commercial or residential environment into a stylish oasis. Create either monochromatic style floor or mix and match devising boarders or pattern for added flair. The finish of Coal reveals a dramatic sense of mystery with a stark black base enhances with white freckling for added depth similar to a starry night. Desert Dune is a more versatile finish with an antiqued white complexion that can transition from one décor to the next with a calming contemporary influence. Clay Red is the perfect blend of neutral meets passion with its sun burnt terracotta tones.