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Armstrong Valenza Hardwood

Armstrong Valenza Hardwood

Armstrong Hardwood offers floors for all types. Some people want hardwood floors so that they can have, well, wood flooring. Some want a certain look, maybe a thin-strip appearance or a wide-plank, lots of shade variations between boards or minimal.

Then there are the practical types, concerned with hardness, weathering, warranty and color changes over time. Others are more refined and desire solid hardwood in lieu of engineered veneers.

There are those who know what they want, they want authentic, valuable and simply the best. A look that is stunning and rare is the Valenza collection by Armstrong Hardwood. 

Not only does this fine Valenza collection fit the bill of the most urbane of designers, only accepting the finest of décor, it considers the environment, with reforestation and replenishment of resources “borrowed” from mother nature at the forefront of Armstrong’s process. From the forests of Indonesia to the tropics of the Caribbean, the Valenza Hardwood collection from Armstrong has forged across our beautiful planet to bring the finest hardwoods the world has to offer, right to your living room, bedroom or sophisticated office space.

Allow Valenza to literally transform any space into a superlative one that will bring unprecedented marvels of nature to you. 

Let Kembas’ honey golden hues remind you of the spices, aromas and liveliness of well cultured Malaysia, where Kembas is native to. This beautiful species offers a hardness slightly greater than that of Oak and distinguishable shade variation from plank to plank, making each 3 ½” wide plank a beautiful work of art to be perpetually unveiled.

Now, let’s look at the vibrant reds of the Valenza Collection’s Cabreuva with a Chestnut hue that is eye-grabbing, whose lineage spans from Central America to the reaches of Brazil, or Brasil, as a local might say to you.

Let this solid plank and it’s warm colors, distinctly displayed in the strong color variation that will only improve with time, turn your “great” room into a dancefloor scene reminiscent of the infamous Lapa Lapa of Rio de Janeiro. If your style is more along the lines of the Girl from Ipanema strutting her stuff across your bedroom, than the incredible prominent and pronounced chocolate striping that melts into the soft sand color in Tigerwood might be just what Vinicius de Moraes or your Décor Dr ordered. Unprescedented by any other wood regarding contrast within the plank, this Brazilian beauty is one of the most incredible exotics offered by Armstrong’s Valenza collection.

The Armstrong Valenza collection offers micro-beveled ends as to not disrupt the delicate flow of the texture, and the HartGuard Deluxe traditional low-gloss finish will keep your floors looking gorgeous for years to come without taking away from their innate beauty.

The Valenza Solid Collection, brought to you by Armstrong, offers an exclusive excellence that will revolutionize your space, a simple and brilliant product.