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Bati Orient Pebbles

Bati Orient Pebbles

If you have been looking high and low for the kind of pebbles that really look and feel like pebbled, then you’ve found the right collection under the Bati Orient’s Pebbles collection. Oh yeah, all the kinds of pebbles you need for your pavement, your driveway, your other driveway belonging to your mistress, the pool area, the bbq area and whatever else you could think of is all available under Bati Orient’s Pebbles collection.

Brown pebbles, yellow pebbles, white pebbles, grey pebbles, beige pebbles, blue pebbles, red pebbles, green pebble and even chocolate pebbles are all available under the Pebbles collection by Bati Orient from France. If you have lost some pebbles or marbles somewhere in your 20s or mid life crisis, you may use the Pebbles collection to regain some of your sanity back and of course, some groovy style back too in the process.

There are some unique, exotic designs you can style inside your living areas whether in your residential property or your commercial. For some true Zen like feelings, use generous amounts of pebbles surrounding specifically set walls on your property. Even atriums with an arrangement of plants and running water could stand on a generous helping of pebbles.

If you want to knock the pants of your visitors with some stunning visuals in your bathroom, think about having some of the pebbles (perhaps the blue ones) under the Pebbles collection under glass on your cabinets where your sink hangs from the wall. Wow, what a looker that would be in a pristine bathroom where glass and rocks are the inspiration. Of course, this will be completely not suitable in a house where children live.

Exotic hotels in exotic faraway lands sometimes like to keep their public restroom areas very open when the location is on a 5 star beach. Open in terms of having small openings between ceiling areas for airing out reasons. Potted plants and flowing water may be the theme next to their sink areas and what could be more matching then having pebbles as the background, this look completely possible in your own home if you lived in warmer climates. Bati Orient’s Pebbles are here to help you achieve the kind of exotic look you wished you had and now you can!