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Bati Orient Polished Pebbles

Bati Orient Polished Pebbles

The Polished Pebble series by Bati Orient Pebbles aims to take that Southeast Asian holiday-o-bliss and bring it back home with you. It isn’t just for your bathroom, either. If you’ve been to Bali or anywhere in tropical Southeast Asia, you know the look well. It boasts just the right balance to structure and nature, so it’s perfect for outdoor showers, indoor showers, kitchen showers, kitchen backsplashes, etc. That’s one of the reasons these tiles are so beloved: they work well anywhere and they make you feel good in the space you’re in. A bit like a spa day, the Polished Pebbles are visually and aesthetically soothing, as well as making you feel really good.

Dance across these Polished Pebbles and you’ll never need to visit the foot doctor again. Cancel your weekly foot rub and make a date with yourself to simple stay at home – when is the last time anyone encouraged a night in? You’re asking the wrong questions. You should be more concerned with why more people don’t already have these pretty pebbles in their personal palaces. The slower, more relaxed pace of life is a major draw to Westerners in Asia. We could all take a page from their peaceful books. Enough with the Netflix, what we need is an extra dose of zen – and pebbles. Feng shui experts will tell you that incorporating a bit of nature in your interior does wonders for your blood pressure. These gorgeous natural stones are carefully polished to an impeccable sheen, so they aren’t too casual or weather-worn to work in elegant spaces. And with six chic colors to choose from – like White, Grey, Black, Brown, Beige and even Yellow – you can customize the shades of serenity to suit your space. These rocks rock.