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Bati Orient Reconstituted Penny Round

Bati Orient Reconstituted Penny Round is a well rounded choice

One of the other uses you could have with Bati Orient’s Penny Round Decorated pebbles is to use it as ecologically sound weapons at intruders. Jokes aside, think about it. You can use the Penny Round Decorated as purely a decorative items in your very modern home where they fill up sunken edges around walls. Pebbles are versatile in usage as not only they can become parts of walls and floors but also decorative items in the loose form.

With a concept that might be something Oriental inspired Penny Round Decorated pebbles from Bati Orient could be use as fillers in all the right places in your new home. Two mixed colors are available which are White Silver Grey and Taupe Gold. Imagine having a hallway or veranda like gangways where cream tiles walls are present as divides for room. You may also think about having wooden planks or pillars as support but instead of having dull floors, you may use those areas as purely for looks.

The planks and pillars can be set in sunken flooring and the flooring can filled up with something as unique as the Taupe Gold from Bati Orient’s Penny Round Decorated pebbles. These are the kinds of hallways or veranda where very large white clay walls welcome visitors with large bladed ferns and other exotic plants.

No curtains or drapery is necessary here and furniture can be made from white painted wood or cane materials. Woven sofas and armchairs with soft cushions are also an idea that can be contemplated on. Perhaps, a hallways like this may lead to areas where fountains and pools are present giving the mind a very fresh perspective. Designed cleverly, these areas can be made took as if though it is accommodating the pebble idea instead of the other way around.