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Bati Orient Reconstituted

Bati Orient Reconstituted creates a great ambiance

Bati Orient’s Reconstituted Pebble is classic difference you want to have in a dull bathroom. Bathrooms are both easy and hard to decorate for most people. Like the bedroom, bathrooms are intimate areas where you may spend more time in. Bathroom areas are not only used for normal bodily functions but also as the vanity areas for most people. So bathrooms can be filled with cabinetry, shelving, mirrors, lighting and even places to hang your clothes or closets. Anything is possible.

But did you know that the bathroom is one of the best spaces to display stones and a contemporary bathroom designs which can include pebbles or decorative stones in many variations? Whether or not you chose Bati Orient’s Reconstituted Pebble first and thought about having it in your bathroom or thought about pebbles then choosing the design, you won’t be making a mistake here.

Four sweet colors are available here, Mix Grey, Mix Turquoise, Mix Peach and Mix White Brown. For example, if you planning stone pebbles showcased behind a glass top under the bathroom sink, you would want to choose something from the Reconstituted Pebble collection from Bati Orient. The mix pebbles offered here will add a deep, natural dimension to the bathroom and they can be enhanced with by bathing them in glow giving lighting to construct a glamorous effect.

Got an antique looking stone bathtub you are looking forward to bathing in? Place your bathtub on a pebble rug and carefully delineate the bathing space from the rest of the bathroom. Colors, textures and materials can also be used to create the feeling of an outdoor bathroom but with all the comfort brought by modern design technologies too. Ever heard of a Japanese hot springs outdoor bath? Take a look at that concept and see how you can use pebbles as your outdoor bath design idea with the possibility of open garden areas next to it too.