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Bati Orient Rectified Matte Pebbles

Bati Orient Rectified Matte Pebbles

Get your feng shui on with Bati Orient Pebbles’ Rectified Matte Pebble series. I think we can all agree that the world is chaos. With more than seven billion people crawling all over the Earth, the Kardashians multiplying like crazy and the FDA worried about the thickness of socially acceptable cheese boards, in this hazy, crazy modern world: chaos reigns. More and more people are forgoing the unending search for the perfect career path with built-in supportive spouse and 2.7 children with a white picket fence. Who does white picket fences anymore anyways? The thing to do if you’re feeling the chaos coming on strong is to escape. Sounds too simple right? Well they’ve made the book into a film so there’s no excuse for not knowing the Eat, Pray, Love story.

Middle-aged woman stuck in a flailing marriage runs away to Bali to ride on the back of motorbikes with cute boys and eats her way to satisfaction. Most people love the book. Some people realize that we can’t all afford to just drop our jobs and leave our leases and fly all the way across the world on a whim. Plus, if you’ve seen the sort of folks who are hanging around Bali these days the magic would be sapped right out of your daydream. But that doesn’t mean Asia doesn’t still have a desirable quality of life for folks running the rat race in the West. The pace of life is slower, Buddhism creeps into customs and ways of life that leave everything feeling a bit more peaceful and certainly less animus. Well this feeling comes through strongly in the Rectified Pebble Series – a style that originates in Bali, actually. The smooth stones aren’t too shiny and are soothing on your feet. Like a mini holiday in your home everyday, bring the feng shui to you with Rectified Matte Pebbles.