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Bati Orient Sliced Matte

Bati Orient Sliced Matte

If you really like the look of pebble tiles and you want a piece of the action, but you’ve tread on pebble tiles in your past and felt all the bad feels, then the Sliced Matte Pebble series by Bati Orient Pebbles is right up your paved alley. Wanna know why? The Bati Orient company specializes in pebble tiling, and although their round, smooth pebble tiles are a huge hit among most, if you’ve got that Princess and the Pea Syndrome, you’re not alone and they created a pebble tile series just for you. Oh Sensitive Sally, let me guess: when all your friends were wearing those foot massaging Adidas sandals you were staunchly stood in your jelly loafers. And when your friends were out shopping their socks off at Forever 21 you were saving yourself for Anthropologie and American Apparel because at least they have the decency to use cotton at least occasionally. People who wear itchy, non-breathing manmade fabrics belong in their own category of stupid. Needless to say, flooring as well as footwear and fabrics should be comfortable. No one wants to deal with a person whose feet have been hurting all day, am I right?

Bati Orient’s simple solution to the bumpy rock issue is genius: they left all the design characteristics of a pebble tile, but simply sliced through the finished product so the process resulted in a smooth surfaced tile that feels as good underfoot as it looks. Screw the spa and the haughty train it rode in on. If you don’t feel like those rickety walkways through the massage wing get you in the mood to relax you can bring your own version of these relaxing pebble tiles to your home – and in almost any room. They have a sort of soothing zen vibe that probably has something to do with incorporating nature in the manmande indoors. As an added bonus if you’ve already got other natural accents in your home, like wood accents or furniture, these Sliced Matte Pebble tiles work really well with almost all of Mother Nature’s other décor elements.