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Bedrosians Elume Blended Glass & Slate Mosaic

Bedrosians Elume Blended Glass & Slate Mosaic

Create excitement and intrigue through the addition of tile to the walls, countertops and floors. The complex Elume Blended collection from Bedrosians delivers high-impact appeal by combining the softness of glass with the earthiness of slate. A blended mosaic, the overall result brings and chic backdrop to any commercial or residential space. With a multidimensional lure, the interplay of materials and coloring offers a choice in accenting tile that flawlessly blends with a wide range of décor schemes. Bringing warmth to the traditional, Bedrosians Elume likewise delivers sophistication to the more contemporary spaces. Versatile in style, these blended mosaic tiles likewise serve as a timeless addition that delivers both comfort and calmness.

Applied to sheets of 12”x12” mosaics, choose either 5/8” or 11/8” square mosaics for a classic, pixilated style, or bring dimension with the slender linear mosaics that open up any space. Blended with a color palette of seven complex hues, create a space that reflects your unique design tastes offering hints of a custom appeal that both designers and homeowners cherish. Champagne presents a versatile light base with creamy tans and ivories, whereas Java Bean delivers a darker complexion with rugged espresso browns. Organic Pewter channels a more modern appeal with a playful blend of sleek whites and dark stone grays. Chestnut is a warm rustic blend bringing warmth and comfort, differing from the sophisticated, sleek blend of Heather Grey in vivid grey shades with cream undertones.