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Bedrosians Mallorca Glass

Bedrosians Mallorca Glass Mosaic Tile at Ecomoso - Arabesque Style

Bedrosians Glass Mallorca Will Take You Away

A trip to Mallorca could be in your future in the form of Bedrosians Glass Mallorca porcelain mosaic series. At least, you can pretend that you are there with the beach themed colors available under the series. Grey tinged blue and teal together with olive green and stormy skies are presented under the Bedrosians Glass Mallorca series.

Did you know that Mallorca is a top seller on the European summer holiday charts? The island's beautiful coast is home to expensively alluring resorts, coves that dot the surrounding like a string of pearls and the beaches that never lose its charms. Mallorca’s cliff-sculpted drama and sapphire seas may have been the inspiration for Bedrosians Glass Mallorca Sail Arabesque color. The teal in this would be the perfect match for a beach themed home or room. You’re buying a condo in San Diego on the 5th Avenue, have this on your walls to reflect the ocean not far away.

Olive trees were grown centuries ago in Mallorca for its oil, with records of this golden treasure being produced as early as in the 13th century. It's heyday was in the 19th century when olive oil was accounted for 80% of Majorca's exports before locals switched to tourism to make their money but it doesn’t mean that Bedrosians Glass Mallorca Fern Arabesque wasn’t inspired by that beautiful shade of green.

The Mallorca White Linen Arabesque is the reflection of the breeze that carry kite-surfers around the pine flecked bays on the north while Mallorca Sand Arabesque catches the fine fantasy that is the Port d’Alcudio beach. The half shaded cliffs of Cala Barques certainly looks like what is Mallorca Pelican Arabesque and Mallorca Cliff Arabesque. Imagine a room overlooking the bright-blue sea, sundown beach strolls to the backbeat of cicadas and seafood at restaurants open to the stars and you will find the true essence of Mallorca series.

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