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Bedrosians Manhattan Glass & Stone Blends

Bedrosians Manhattan Glass & Stone Blends

Bedrosian Manhattan Glass and Stone Blends, think you can pull it off? You do know that you have to be pretty darn chic to even dare to place this in your home. Well you are browsing on this page so you must be a cool cat with some style, we will give you the benefit of the doubt and allow you in to this elite club of sumptuous and sleek mosaics.

Drawing inspiration from the big apple and all the city has to offer, it comprises the modern urban look of 21st century New York, and includes that stylish pizazz that the city radiates. A melting pot of modern art born from the American dream, this range combines the colors and senses that our life and our home aspires to.

This collection offers you a multitude of choices, 11 in total, in two formats; Interlocking or Brick formation. From Rockefeller to Long Island all the styles that encompass this collection are iconic and stylish. Suitable for interior or exterior installment, they are designed to be versatile allowing you to design their final outlay. They can be placed in a custom fashion making them unique and applicable to features of your house such as swimming pools or water features. They work wonderfully well in bathrooms and kitchens and are limitless in their presentation.

You will be expected to host regular gatherings servings Cosmopolitans and Margaritas, you will need to brush up on your style and only the finest evening frocks will suffice. You will have to start attending fancy art exhibition openings and know who Andy Warhol is. You have been warned.