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Bedrosians Panache Glass

Bedrosians Glass Panache is Alluringly Geometric

The allure of geometric patterns are the talk of the town and you can find this under the Bedrosians Glass Panache series. A fashion lover who is into sparkling features such as sequins will be embroiled in a long lasting love affair under the Bedrosians Glass Panache mosaic porcelain. This is the time to be bold and brave with the way you present your personality through your living areas. Especially, if you have just become newly single with a bucket load money. You know you want to have bling bling instead of the dreary white-washed wall. Grrrr…


Bedrosians Glass Panache presents beautifully mixed shared, shapes and texture all under one mosaic square piece. Paste your walls with Panache Velvet Retro Hex or Panache Mohair Retro Hex for a 70s retro style where mirror balls and lava lamps colorfy the room. These 12 x 13 cuts have multiple hexagon shapes crowing in them presenting a mix of color and textures. Either a mirror ball or natural sunlight is going to be caught and re-sparkled with these pieces on the wall.


The Panache Leather Rain Drop and the Panache Silk Rain Drop contain a mix of raindrop patterns in the 10.5 x 11 cuts. The Silk has a mixture of colors that goes from snow white to teal to grey and would make a great addition to kitchen backsplashes. On the other hand, the Leather Rain Drop makes a charming wall decoration for dining areas that plays host to antique wood furniture, varnished in gloss.


The kind of beauty seen under the Panache Sequins Retro Hex is truly something unique. Think great big bathrooms with white porcelain Jacuzzis and big potted plants in the corner that goes well with the dotted pea green color in the pieces. The Chiffon Retro Hex may be a distraction or a welcome in the children’s bedroom and the Silk Retro Hex would look fantastic in a contemporary living room.