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Bedrosians Pebbles

Bedrosians Pebbles makes life simpler

Bedrosians has taken advantage of everything the twenty-first century has to offer with their Tilecrest Pebble Rock series. When I was your age, if we wanted pebble mosaics underfoot we had to comb the beach for weeks to find the perfect pebbles in the perfect shades, then we would have to spend weeks upon months mixing clay and fitting every single stone into just the right spot.

There was no such thing as a flooring shortcut; plus I had to walk to school ten miles uphill both ways. Those were the good old days. They are fun to reminisce about – while we lounge here in our beanbag chairs and La-Z-Boy recliners with the ionic air purifier on high and the Netflix streaming in the background. Bedrosians Tilecrest Pebble Rock series has done all the hard work for you. You just choose which soothing shade of zen you want your rocks to rock.

Choose from black, cream, red or a mixed batch plucked straight from the toasty sands of the most beautiful beach you can imagine. You work full-time, you cook at home, you’ve got book clubs to attend. Why waste your time making your own mosaic when the experts at Bedrosians have mastered the craft and packaged it in perfect squares of calming perfection. In both rounded and flat mosaic styles, you can personalize the pebble design to suit your zen den with the click of a wireless mouse.

If you squint your eyes and think really hard, walking across these smooth stones can recall those beautifully nostalgic trips to the beach as a child. Maybe you picked one or two of the softest and smoothest to put in your pocket to bring home for the brutally cold winter months, but now Bedrosians has made it possible for you to bring a whole beach of pebbles home so you can walk across the rocky shoreline all year long.