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Bedrosians Tilecrest Amazon

Bedrosians Tilecrest Amazon

If you are about to jungle with your taste in home design than none could be more suitable than the Bedrosian’s Amazon series. When you think about jungles, usually people think about a lot greenery, trees and leaves as an inspirations. What about the soil, earth and some the bark colors which are also available a la jungle style. With this in mind, you can consider having the Amazon porcelain series as your inspired tiles from Bedrosians to splash your house in layers of earthen colors.

The Bedrosian’s Amazon has two tiles under its series available to be splashed on floors or floors. Those are the Classic Beige in 48C and 48CP. If you had been looking for the perfect color of muddy soil to complement some of the light cane colored furniture or that wonderful bright orange brown curtains, the Bedrosians’s Amazon is the thing you want to have.

This muddy or light tree bark color has a certain texture absorbed into its porcelain surface to give a look broken waves. Patterned curtains and furniture upholstery in bright colours will be a great addition to a bright room with these tiles. Kitchen areas should be bright by right so you know exactly what you are doing! A dim kitchen with darker tiles may look chic and modern but how practical would that be?

White painted country looking cabinetry and bright rustic looking curtains with little flowers are an idea. The kitchen areas can be something more soft and feminine in design even if it’s utilized by a single man. A lot of love and care goes into cooking for the expert palates and this can be the softer side shown by a masculine person. After all, it is widely known that humans are made of the yin and yang energies.