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Bedrosians Tilecrest Arrowhead

Bedrosians Tilecrest Arrowhead Porcelain

The Bedrosians Tilecrest Arrowhead collection is charming and elegant! It's made from durable glazed porcelain but has the appeal of a cozy wood look to create and inspire the perfect space in your home or commercial venue. What's more? It requires only the easiest maintenance on your part, so let's just say this tile is perfect for you. After 67 years in operation, the Bedrosians company knows what they're doing and they've got it just right, especially with this collection.

Gray as a neutral is the new tan - it goes with everything you can throw at it. But these Bedrosians Tilecrest Arrowhead neutrals are super-charged in the style department. They're a huge upgrade from your typical drab gray flooring. Just look at the variations and the flow in the tiles. It's exciting to visualize how these tiles will look when you're done with your project; how you'll make your dreams a reality. It's an absolutely incredible porcelain interpretation of modern wooden floors, and you might want to come back for more rooms. But let's start with this one first.

Decorate almost anywhere on floors, walls, countertops, and shower walls. For all residential and light commercial needs, they're 3/8" thick and come in 8"x36" size. Go for broke and put this tile everywhere in your home, spa or office. Run it across your boutique floor. Give your favorite child the upgraded room they'll never want to leave. Keep it in your master bathroom as a treat for yourself. Everyone will love the look, and you'll feel absolutely decadent and on point with your choice of Bedrosians Tilecrest Arrowhead.